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Become an IT specialist at BITLC

Are you the number 1 go-to person in your area whenever someone needs help with IT? Are you passionate about the IT world and want to make a career out of your hobby? Yes? Then a career as an IT specialist is just right for you! Retrain as an IT specialist in Application Development or as an IT Specialist in Systems Integration. Don't let a lack of prior IT knowledge put you off! In our IT Preparation courses, we lay the groundwork for your retraining as an IT Specialist. So nothing will stand in the way of your IT career!

Is it worth my while retraining as an IT Specialist, and what are the possible career opportunities?

Find out everything you need to know about retraining as an IT Specialist for System Integration or Application Development on the respective page!

Pre-requisites for retraining as an IT Specialist

In order to be accepted onto an IT Specialist reskilling course, you must first meet a few requirements. First and foremost, you are passionate about the world of IT. Academic qualifications are not the deciding factor at the BITLC. Technical school qualifications, or even discontinued training/studies are of equal value to us. Qualifications attained abroad are often not recognised in Germany. If you are a specialist with an unrecognised degree, for example, this is no problem for us. At BITLC, you can use your existing knowledge to get started in IT here in Germany. If you have a genuine interest in the varied IT industry, every door is open to you! Enjoyment of the way an IT Specialist works, and the content of the training are also an important factor. With a good understanding of maths, and logical thinking skills, you have the basic skills necessary for the IT industry.

System Integration and Application Development – the differences.

"Which retraining should I go for: IT Specialist in System Integration or IT Specialist in Application Development?" Many people who are interested in IT specialist retraining ask this question. Even though the jobs are very similar, there are key differences that should definitely be considered when making your decision. Whether you successfully reskill as an FIAE or FISI, this will ultimately influence the type of positions you can fill afterwards. On the one hand, with Application Development you become an expert in software, while on the other hand, System Integration is more involved with hardware. Here we list the main differences between the two, and the direction of each type of training:

IT Specialist System Integration:

  • Installation of hardware
  • Installion of mainframe systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation of multi-user systems
  • Customer service and advice

IT Specialist Application Development:

  • Programming of customer-specific software
  • Improvement and testing of applications
  • Troubleshooting of existing systems
  • User training and advice

Duration of IT specialist retraining

How long does it take to retrain as an IT specialist?

At BITLC, IT specialist retraining usually takes about 24 months, including a 6-month internship. During this time, you will learn everything you need to get started as a Specialist in the IT industry! From the basics of network and server administration to database systems, IT project management and object-oriented programming, our IT lecturers will provide you with the technical skills that will prepare you for your upcoming IT career. Thanks to the integrated support of our specialist lecturers, you will complete your IT Specialist training with expert supervision.

Who is suitable for retraining as an IT Specialist?

If you meet the requirements for IT Specialist retraining and show a great interest in IT, then nothing will stand in your way. If you have any questions, our highly-qualified lecturers will be happy to assist, and to support you in successfully completing your retraining.

IT Manufacturer Certificates

Why should you graduate as an IT Specialist with BITLC? Quite simply, with our specialist lecturers you will not only be well prepared for graduation and your subsequent career, but also have the opportunity to acquire all relevant industry certificates. Having these certificates under your belt can hugely increase your career opportunities! Here, too, there are small differences for FIAE and FISI.

You prepare for the following industry certificates at BITLC:

System Integration Specialisation

Application Development Specialisation

Degree and career opportunities

After graduating, your career opportunities are very high! In the constantly growing IT industry, there is an immediate need for expert specialists. This can be confirmed by data from the industry association of the information and telecommunications industry in Germany, BITKOM. As an IT Specialist for Application Development or IT for System Integration, you will therefore be welcomed with open arms!

If you have any other questions about the IT specialist exam or would like more information about retraining as an IT specialist,

please send us an email, whattsapp or give us a call. We are happy to assist you in whatever way we can!

Is it worth retraining as an IT Specialist?

We can answer this question with a resounding "YES!". Because of the high demand for well-qualified IT Specialists, reskilling opens up an interesting, varied work environment, exciting challenges, and great job prospects. Retraining as an IT specialist is definitely worthwhile!


Dates and deadlines for registration can be found on the respective training information pages. If you are still undecided, please give us a call! We can make time for you and advise you on a one-to-one basis! Start your new future in the world of IT as an IT Specialist now. We are at six locations near you: